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WG 1 Community-based responses to the anthropocene

While technology and market mechanisms are still dominant when scientists and politicians search for solutions to environmental problems, the anthropocene has also given rise to a wealth of grass root initiatives which champion alternative, community-based approaches. Examples of such community based initiatives are eco-villages, habitat restoration projects, community gardens or local currencies. For this work shop we invite papers which look into community-based environmental initiatives. Topics could be, but are not limited to:

  • the reasons for people to become engaged in community-based initiatives and the underlying view of society and human-environment relationships
  • the effects of community-based initiatives with regard to the participants, the environment and the wider society
  • the potential for up-scaling and the barriers which community based initiatives encounter
  • the dynamics and organisation of community based initiatives


Anja Byg, Department of Food & Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen
Tove Enggrob Boon”, Department of Food & Resources Economics, University of