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WG 11 The quest for environmental policy integration

During the last decades, holistic, integrated approaches have become predominant in the environmental policy discourse. The introduction of the term “sustainable development” marked a point of departure away from the traditionally fragmented “point source” approach towards a broader focus on social development in general. This broadening of scope, combined with an emphasis on policy integration, is a defining trait of a wide range of specific policy developments such as the UN Millennium Development Goals and the EU Water Framework Directive. But a growing body of social science research indicates that policy integration is an elusive aim which is difficult to achieve in practice. This working group welcomes contributions that focus on the governance aspects of integrated environmental policy, including multi-level and cross-cutting coordination; mediation of conflicting interests; participatory schemes and the use of planning tools.


Jan Erling Klausen, NIBR
Anders Branth Pedersen, Aarhus University