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WG 3 Interplay between local authorities and citizens in environmental governance

The increasing urgency of finding solutions to environmental challenges such as climate change requires action at all levels of government. As possibilities for finding solutions at the global level has turned out to be increasingly difficult many actors have turned their attention towards the local level.

At this level one finds two relevant bodies of literature. On the one hand there is a considerable amount of literature on environmental behavior change and its impact on for example CO2-reductions. On the other hand one finds quite a few studies on local environmental policies, laying out how the policy field is regulated and governed locally. However, little research has been done on the interplay between the two fields.

The purpose of this workshop is to connect these two bodies of literature. For example, how do municipalities try to change citizen environmental behavior, and how successful are they in doing so? How do citizens try to influence municipal policies in order to make them “greener”? What barriers exist in this interplay, and how can they be overcome? What roles do different types of community organizations play both as partners of municipalities and as catalysts for individual citizen engagement?

This workshop welcomes papers that contribute to the understanding of the interplay between municipalities and citizens in environmental governance in the Nordic countries.


Jens Hoff, Dep. of Political Science, University of Copenhagen
Quentin Gausset, Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen