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WG 4: Adaptive environmental legislation in a changing environment

The pace of changes in the natural environment as a consequence of human activity is increasing drastically. But is the legal and regulatory framework able to deal with a more dynamic environment or is there a need to focus on the adaptive capacity of environmental legislation? The purpose of this workshop is to address the need to provide adaptive legal and regulatory responses to modern environmental challenges, e.g. adaptation to climate change. What type of legal and/or regulatory instruments would be appropriate to facilitate an adaptive ecosystem services approach, e.g. different types of environmental planning, environmental quality standards etc.? Is it possible to revitalize more traditional legal responses to protect e.g. biodiversity and the natural environment? The workshop welcomes papers that contribute theoretically, methodologically and empirically to the understanding of the legal and regulatory aspects associated with the development and use of adaptive environmental legislation.


Helle Tegner Anker, Department of Food & Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen
Annika Nilsson, Faculty of Law, University of Lund