WG 6 Adapting to Climate Change in City Areas: Urban Climate Governance in Multi-level Contexts – University of Copenhagen

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WG 6 Adapting to Climate Change in City Areas: Urban Climate Governance in Multi-level Contexts  

Cities and metropolitan areas are both a challenge and an opportunity for climate change adaptation. The concentration of people, the socio-economic activities and the infrastructure in urban areas all translate into spatial challenges implying a particular vulnerability to climate hazards.  The cost of not considering, integrating and/or mainstreaming adaptation at an early stage may become substantial in the future as weather events affect many people and crucial economic activities.  At the same time as large urban areas harbor resources and capacities with a potential to design and deliver effective adaptation policies, they are often crisscrossed by horizontal and vertical boundaries of authority and competence, from national adaptation strategies to local action plans. This multi-level context thus presents formidable challenges to policy-makers and administrators seeking strategies of climate change adaptation compatible with the scale of climate problems. This workshop will focus on local climate  governance in a multi-level context, with country-wise shifting roles and capacities of different levels of government to achieve climate adaptation. It aims at bringing together scholars actively researching urban climate adaptation strategies, to take stock of recent findings and to compare the strategies and actions in order to assess the reasons for common as well as deviant patterns.  The workshop is open for disciplines across the fields of social science, and welcomes theoretical and conceptual as well as empirical contributions.


Lennart J. Lundqvist, Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg
Dorthe Hedensted Lund, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources Management, University of Copenhagen
Marko Joas, Department of Political Science, Åbo Akademi University